Cost-effectively boost storage performance with Infinio.

Don't Buy New Storage.

Infinio software improves storage performance 10X at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based solutions.


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Here's what you get with Infinio

See rapid cache response time

SSD-Class Performance

Infinio customers see sub-millisecond cache response time

Lower your storage costs

Low-Cost Solution

Only $2,398 per host in most cases

See faster VDI in 30 mins

Faster Virtual Desktops

Better VDI performance during steady state operations & peak load times

No new hardware needed

Non-Disruptive Trial

You won't need to schedule downtime or put hosts in maintenance mode

You get more with Infinio


Infinio can be installed in 30-mins with zero disruption and no downtime


Achieve instant results with no downtime or any interruption to operations

Storage acceleration


If you need to remove Infinio for any reason, you can do so with just 1 click


Provide enterprise-class results for applications such as Oracle, Exchange and SharePoint

See what our customers are saying

"I estimate we were able to avoid a $120,000 - $150,000 purchase on an all-flash array by choosing Infinio instead."

Francisco Pérez

Senior Systems Administrator, Masergy

"Infinio solved our problem at one-third of the cost, with no additional hardware and no week long install."

Justin Bleich

Director of MIS, Boone Country Health Center

"We noticed results almost instantly, with a visible reduction of the storage latency on the VDI desktops and decreased workload on our filters."

Nathan Manzi

Systems Administrator, Minara Resources

Extend the life of your existing storage array

Improving storage performance across various industries

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